Flying & Gliding

As a cadet you can go on an air experience flight where you get the chance to take control of a Grob Tutor and perhaps perform aerobatics. These flights are a great opportunity to get some experience in the air before you apply for a gliding or flying scholarship. On a gliding scholarship you learn to fly the Viking or the Vigilant with an instructor before going solo and earning your blue wings.


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MT Jun15

Air Cadets’ Aviation Day 2017

We started the day by meeting at Greater Manchester Wing HQ and getting on the coach headed to the RAF base where we would have the opportunity to go flying. When we arrived, we were instructed to get into a huge squad, were given instructions and fallen out 100 cadets at a time. Although I was there with a group of my friends from 391 unfortunately, we were split up but once we were left to our own devices we met back up.

We started by exploring and learning about the Tucano which was very interesting, however, we were all waiting for the main reason we were there: to go flying!

Flying Aviation DayWe had a quick look around the base and then it was our turn! We were chosen to go on the Merlin instead of the Chinook! We got our helmet and were taken across the airfield. After some time, we were told to “take-up a stance” as another Merlin was taking off. It nearly blew us over! I got so lucky I got the door seat and the best thing was they didn’t shut the door. We took off. It was so warm from the engines and it was exhilarating but got cold really fast, yet I wouldn’t change the flight for anything! It is one of the best moments of my life. When we landed, we went back to the main base and gave our helmets back. It was great timing as it was lunch time so we were able to relax and chat about the flight. After that we had the opportunity to look at some service weapons. After this we had to return back to the coaches to go back to GM wing HQ.

I will never forget this day…

By Cpl Gill