Adventure Training

ATA variety of outdoor activities are included in the adventure training syllabus. With the squadron, we participate in activities including indoor climbing and day walks around the local area and the Peak District.

On Wing camps other activities such as archery, white-water rafting, sailing and canoeing are available. Skills like teamwork, map reading, leadership and self-confidence can be strengthened as well as gaining national awards, for instance through the National Navigation Award Scheme (NNAS) or National Indoor Climbing Award Scheme (NICAS).

MT Jun15

Adventure Training Weekend, 2017

Adv Trg WeekendOn the weekend of the 9-10th of September Wilmslow 391 squadron took two cadets on an adventure training weekend. On this weekend, we learnt basic knowledge for planning and walking a route. We learnt things like map reading, how to tell direction from a compass, how to cook on an expedition, how to put a tent up correctly, archery, correct clothing to wear, sports. The best aspect of the weekend was probably the mini MasterChef competition that Sgt (ATC) S Wood organised where we were restricted to certain foods and had to cook a two-course meal for a judge to taste. This was commented on by other staff members as a fun and interesting way of teaching cadets about foods, cookers and how to use them correctly. The weekend was very enjoyable and I would definitely recommend it to any other cadet as it is a fun enjoyable weekend, with the chance to learn new things and skills, it also gave us the opportunity to make new friends in the ATC.

By Cdt Green