Civilian Committee

391 Squadron’s Civilian Welfare Committee comprises of parents of cadets/ex-cadets, friends of the squadron and other interested members of the public with the varied responsibilities of:

Supporting and assisting the Squadron Commander.
This could include participating in or providing suggestions for some Squadron activities, fostering good relationships in the community, public relations, administration of the unit’s premises & furnishings or finding appropriate adult staff. For instance the committee plays a vital part in organising the Annual Dining-in Night and the Annual Presentation Evening.
Accounting for both public & non-public funds.
The CivComm manages the Squadron’s finances. While the RAF funds key activities, such as flying, the ATC is a charity relying on non-public funding – Cadet subscriptions, Gift Aid, Donations etc. A key role of the committee is to seek or arrange fundraising opportunities, such as applying for bursaries or supermarket bag-packing events, and then to decide where monies raised should be allocated. For example funds were recently used to purchase a third, more advanced, radio-controlled model.
Oversee the cadets’ welfare.
Provide advice and practical assistance in dealing with any welfare problems that might arise among the cadets.

CivComm meetings are held monthly at 391 SQN Headquarters. Non-committee members are also very welcome to attend. The Squadron Commander and Chaplain may attend ex-officio. Officials are elected at an Annual General Meeting. The SQN CivComm also sends a representative to meetings of the Greater Manchester Wing Civilian Committee.

Should you have any concerns, queries or you wish to get involved or attend the next meeting then please contact one of the officials below, via the SQN.

Mr Andrew Smith
Mr Steve Smith

PD Oct17